Arrow is a superhero action drama series created by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg. It is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow.

The series follows Oliver Queen beginning with his rescue from a remote, apparently deserted island. It appears that he’s been stranded on this island for five years after the shipwreck of his father’s yacht. He returns to Starling City to try and reunite with his remaining family as well as carry on a mission on behalf of his dead father.

Queen takes the survival and combat skills he’s learned during his mysterious five years and puts them to work as a costumed vigilante hunting the men who are destroying Starling City from its rotten core out. Initially, Queen works from a list of his father’s associates as a lone vigilante and killer. As the show progresses, both his team of allies and his overall mission widens in scope.

Flashbacks from Queen’s time on the island generally frame the present day action, filling in the blanks of his time there, skills he picked up, and enemies that have survived into the present. The flashbacks move chronologically so that they retain an air of mystery while delivering necessary details.

The themes of the episode are the evolution of Queen’s alter ego from loner vigilante to team playing hero. To this end, he moves from being known as the Hood to the Arrow and finally to the Green Arrow. He adds sidekicks and helpers including bodyguard Diggle, computer genius Felicity, partners like Black Canary, and sidekicks in training like Arsenal and Speedy.

Critical and viewer response began extremely positive but has had its ups and downs over the course of the series. The cinematic action scenes and intriguing web of characters with deep, complex relationships were particularly praised. In later seasons, the lack of importance placed on the flashbacks and less than flattering comparisons to Batman were panned. However, the show has been the source of several spin offs and continues to be the cornerstone of a television superhero universe.


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