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‘Generation KKK’ Has Been Cancelled


Generation KKK has officially been cancelled by A&E, after a long and hard battle to keep it on the air. The controversial series that was renamed to Escaping the KKK: A Documentary Series Exposing Hate in America couldn’t escape the stink of the original content and was shelved to keep the network from further bashing.

The documentary series was about four Klan families with members that wanted to eventually escape the life. Yet the problem with the series is that it was branded wrong the first time around, with many feeling that they were glorifying the lives of Klan members. And this wasn’t a soft protest, major celebrities and organizations came out against the series which was set to air in January- and that’s never a good sign.

A&E always intended for the series to expose the racism and crimes inside the KKK, but since it was marketed more as a reality series more than a documentary, there were sharp criticisms about humanizing the people involved (beyond the ones trying to escape). Things are going to get worse for the network before it gets better, as A&E released a statement that they found out about stipends being paid to Klan members by the producers of the show.

Yes, producers from the show paid members of the Klan for access to information that would have otherwise been forbidden. The network is using this as the reason to severe ties with the program, which went against the policies of the network for creating a documentary. No one knows for sure whether this is true or not, and it could be a giant smokescreen from A&E in order to save face. Generation KKK was never about supporting racism, and would have been a good tool for helping people within the Klan learn that there was a way out.

What do you think of the cancellation? Should A&E have kept it on the air?

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1 month 21 days ago

Why not, seems interesting. Just because “celebrities” get butthurt over nothing everyone folds. Screw that im tired of hearing that bs excuse. Just put it on TV and see how it goes.

1 month 14 days ago

Ah yes, protesting a show with a focus on a group with a history of lynching black people and domestic terrorism is getting “butthurt over nothing.” The KKK’s only purpose is promote hate, and they don’t deserve anyone’s attention or airtime. Mmmmbyyyeeee!

21 days 17 hours ago

Douche Bags like Black Lives Don’t Matter have been clogging up the airwaves for quite a while. They are a group with a history of encouraging the killing of police officers and domestic terrorism, their only purpose is promote hate, and they don’t deserve anyone’s attention or airtime.

Diana L
18 days 2 hours ago

I agree, in no way shape or form should anyone in the KKK “organization” should be glorified. We need a raw, honest portrayl of what occurs behind the scenes. It’s unfortunate that some participants have been paid. I understand the greed, the person or people, only offering privatye info for compensation but c’mon. I sincerely hope this show makes it to air once the network allows complete honesty and integrity from all involved. Sad that it’s not on the air. I was looking forward to this.